A little self introduction and Masterpost of Fanvids/Pvs/Subs

Im Akari 21yrs old a huge fan of Arashi!! I become a fan of Arashi after i've watched Hana Yori Dango and i fall inlove with Matsujun! he's so handsome!!!

But time files so fast ahahah!!! i fall inlove with this guy!! and now he's my ichiban before he's my goban and i really hate him bcoz he looks like a gangster in his younger days! XD gomenasai but after i watched Yamada Taro Monogatari i fall inlove with his cute smile and his handsomeness. He's soooo handsome and i love him soooo much!!!

My niban is Ninomiya Kazunari! i love his cuteness and also his voice.

I also love Hey! Say! JUMP!!!!! i become a fan of them after watching Kindaichi Shounen no Jikembo. Yes im a newbie at HSJ fandom.

And my ichiban is Inoo Kei!! I also hate him before ahahaha!!! but i dont know why and how? i fall inlove with him!!! all i can say is he's soo handsome too!!!

Of course, my niban is Yamada Ryosuke! Because of him i become a fan of Hey! Say! JUMP!

Im also a subber one of the maintainers of sakini_pikanchi a subbing community for Arashi and at 10_jump a subbing community at Hey! Say! JUMP

Someone added on my list ahahahha!!
After i watched Battlefield of Zeus somehow, i cant get over on this guy!!

Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS!! hahahah!!!

PVs/Performance with Romanji and English sub (KFX)

I seek PV
Kokoro no Sora PV

Ai wo Sakebe PV
Aozora no Shita, Kimi no tonari PV
Sakura PV
Aozora no Shita, Kimi no tonari- Music Station
Kansha Kangeki Ame- from digitalian concert tour
Pikanchi and Pikanchi double- from hawaii blast
Chau Rehearsal -from PV making
Kimi Attraction PV

Fanvids and subs
Meet the Arashi
Kakkoii vs. Baka moments of Arashi

All the best on Arashi/Storm
Meet Yamada Ryosuke

Tokio Kakeru 2015.03.15 Yamada Ryosuke Cut

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it's been a while since the last time that i wrote something in here. I dont why i still cant erase this acc of mine LOL. Anyway, i dont know if there still someone out there who can remember me hahhahaha! but i guess, yes? since im still subbing some of hsj variety shows whenever we got a chance. But my bias is Arashi lol. i wonder if there any arashians who can still remember me ahhaha!! I was literally busy in real life coz i do have a job and at the same time i do my best to live my life to the fullest. Im already 23yrs old so, im really enjoying my life coz we're not always young.
Anyway, i currently rewatching hanadan <3 i was in grade 5 when i first watch it and i really love it. i fell in love with oguri shun then, i rewatched it again last august 2012 that was the time that i fell in love with matsujun then i became interested with the whole group and fell inlove with Sho-chan. Then, i stop subbing arashi variety show last yr i think the last thing that i subbed is "i seek pv making". After 4yrs of admiring them i left the fandom lol. I cant say that im not a fan anymore since sometimes im still listening to their old songs since im not updated anymore the last release that i can remember was "i seek and daylight" hahaha. Next year im planning to go to japan and i want to watch on their concert but i think i cant afford it lol. I checked the ticket price and it was 709cad dollars i think hahhaha. i cant afford it ahhaha! it was the same price of my salary every 2weeks hahaha!! it sooo huge!! maybe i will just watch them in my dreams. Im already contented of just going to japan. Im very thankful to God for everything i have :D
I really do had fun in the fandom. I really like clara, candywalla, iza, daishi, haru, anarashi, yuri, ivenclaire, jaime and the whole team of snp and also 10jump lala :D
We're not in the fandom forever so while u still there enjoy it!

Im currently subbing something but i think it will take time since im bc lol. But after that project maybe i wont sub again that was really the last one. And sad to say its not arashi bangumi its hsj again ahhaha. Im planning to open 10jump 
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Goodbye fandom.

Thank you so much for all my friends in the fandom. It's been an amazing journey with u guys especially in our subbing community at sakinipikanchi, thank you so much for those people who supported us in the beginning until the end. It's been a great years, SNP is the ranked 4 and sometimes 5 in LJ for like 2yrs. Our efforts and hard work is all worth it.
First, thank you so much for Yuri and Jessica they are our first translators in shitanuri then we move on snp. Then, thank you to goshikinofansub to Iza and Daishi. They are so nice to us to encode and to provide Raws for us that's why we're always updated when we sub arashi concerts or anything we like to sub. And when we are really in need of encoders they volunteer themselves to encode for us and we really appreciate it. And also to candywalla, haru, ivenclaire and to mj sho we cannot do the subbing without them and to rinkufan, nguyen, krissy, ju lia and to all the team of snp. Thank you sooo much.
Now we will purge the commutbity anytime so I decided to also delete this acc. Since I created this acc bcoz of snp. Thank you also to all my friends out there who also make my fangirl life more fun I want to mention ochasuki, tomapiya, nihonarashi, ai storm, yessie you guys are really nice to me. Now I'm leaving the fandom heheh it's kinda hard and sad but there's nothing I can do about it since I'm kinda busy now and I don't really have time for this. But I really enjoyed those years that had been past.
Lastly, I'm glad that i become an arashi fan becoZ I learned a lot of things. I learned how to edit videos, to sub and to encode bla Bla. And especially I met those amazing people that I mentioned in this post.

So I know now how to delete my LJ acc. But I can't delete it yet lol. I'm still waiting for chisii's reply since I'm the one who's communicating with them. But once we finish subbing the super itajump I'm gonna delete this acc. Since I created this acc becoZ of snp. And now we will purge the community anytime so I decided to delete also this acc.
About the 10jump we will still try our best to sub but I don't think we will become active like before. If there's a timer/typesetter and translator who would love to help us just send me a message here. We will still continue to sub at 10jump since the people who sub there is different people who sub at snp.

Deleting this acc.

I'm planning to delete this acc. Maybe after we finish ALL our project list in Snp and 10jump. Coz i will finally take My hiatus for good. We're not forever in this fandom. So, as long as you're still here enjoy it. But I'm not really sad about it since I'm not a huge fan anymore of arashi or of hey say jump. But I still love them but not really a huge fan like before. And I really want to focus now at my personal life. I will study again and start working yey! So, I don't have time now for subbing etc. But before I take my hiatus I will help and wait to finish all our unfinish work.

Here's an update:
Arashi ni shiyagare new year sp.
Abunai yakai with Nino.
*we're almost done of these 2. We got some problem about the translation of this 2 that's why it took us a long time*
Anishi with jump
*i don't know if I forgot something since it's my sister who handle snp.
In 10jump
School kakumei with Keito *its already done but I can't still release it yet for some reason*
Heisei time *translating/timing
Super itajump *its a collaboration project. We will finish our part in the trans. In Saturday and we will do the timing/typesetting and I'm still waiting for the trans. Of the other community we collab with.
Itajump *the marriage ep. It's under spot trans. We will release it soon.

We're also planning to sub battle Zeus part2 it's already translating but we might take awhile in this one since We're kinda bc now.

I really had a great time subbing for 2yrs. But we're not forever here I guess I will take my hiatus soon.

Anyway we're rushing all this to be finish.

RIP Christina Grimmie

I still cant believe that Christina Crimmie is already dead. I saw some statement in facebook saying that the murderer is a persecutor of Christianity. And he killed Christina because she was a devoted Christian. It is said in Philippians 1:21, "For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain." I believe that the Lord will reward her in heaven and her death will not put into shame. But im kindaa pity on the persecutor. We only have 1life here in earth and if we choose the wrong path, in our second life we will go to hell.
When i was a kid, i was wondering why people are dying? Why God created us then, after years we will just die? What is the purpose of our life if in the end we will just die? i was scared every night. What will happened to me when i die? am i go to heaven or hell? or am i will just vanish and will feel nothing? I dont know. And because of this fear i opened my heart to God. I seek Him. In the age of 14 i read my Bible and become a Christian. Then, all of my questioned have been answered.
First, why people are dying?
answer: God created us with eternal life. But He gave one commandment to Adan and if they disobey it God said, they will surely die. and in genesis 3 they disobeyed God that's why death came to our life. Adan and Eve is our fore fathers and we inhereted their sins and consenquence.
Why God created us then, after years we will die?
God did not created us just for nothing. It's bcoz of the disobedience of adan and eve why death came to our life. But God use that death to redeem us through Jesus Christ.

What is the purpose of our life if in the end we will just die?
The purpose of ourlife is to proclaim the good news about Jesus to the whole world for all the people to know and for them to believe

that Jesus died on the cross of calvary to redeem us and pay for all our sins.
I just realized something on those questions of mine. It's a wrong question because we will not DIE. There's no such thing as DYING because our earthly body is the only one who will die but our soul that insides of our body doesnt die. We will live forever even our flesh body will die. Our soul will live but the question is..
Where are we going after our earthly body will die? it's either heaven or hell.
All of us are sinners and if we do not repent from our sins and do not believe in Jesus we will not inheret the eternal life. Im so sorry to that person who murdered Christina. I believe that there's no accident that Christina's parent named her Christina.
Anyway, if you're an atheist and if you think that imjust blabbling and doesnt make sense. All i can say is, this is not an accident that you read this post. I really believe that the Lord is talking to you right now. Please pray if you're not a Christian then if somehowthis post got move u.
If you believe in Jesus you will lose nothing but if u just ignore and doesnt believe you will lose eternal life. What i mean is,
(for the sake of the debate) if Jesus is not real but i still believe on Him i will lose nothing. But if Jesus is REAL and you do not believe you will lose eternal life. So please im begging you for your own sake why dont you try to give Him a chance and to believe.
note: I dont promote any religion. Religion cannot save you only Jesus.
I am not ashamed that im a Christian(follower of Christ) because it gives me hope and life.
I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God that brings salvation.
Praise God even though we sin against Him, He still gracious to forgive us and He even gave His only Son just for u and for me.
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Top 5 communities that i visited the most

First sakini_pikanchi everytime that i open my laptop i always visit our community at snp and just read some comments and sometimes i accepting membership request. Im just happy readingt their comments even it just "thank you"
second, 10_jump10_jump i will just stare on that community and like, wow even though we're not that active here we already subbed a lot of things,
Third, arashi_on i will just visit it to get some updates if the other communities/subbers sub a video so that we wont overlap with them. I dont really watch anishi or any variety shows lol. our release i dont watch it if im not the one who did the timing. But sometimes if i like the guess i give it a shot.
Fourth, jump_united we've just created this community for hey say jump for subbers only. Im kinda enjoying seeing this community but im also nervious everytime i visited it i hope no one takes the same project with us ahhaha but if that happens we're always welcome in collaboration.
Fifth, light_of_angels i dont really watch arashi shows but i love watching japanese dramas and movies. And this community really helps me to get jdramas and movies and not just that they also provided dlinks for english softsub. Right now, im always checking the download links of the drama "good morning call". I like those romance,comedy and high school life types of dramas.
LOL. i just want to share some stupid stuff hahahaha!! anyway, we're going to migrate at Canada at vancouver burnabe is there anyone who lives there?

Another suspicious rule breaker.

I just got home last night from our mission at batangas lobo and i found out that there's another rule breaker in the house or maybe outside the house lol.
That rule breaker is kinda suspicious to me, i think she is one of our enemies or just a hater of SNP. And i believe that person is different from the person who uploaded our videos at some blogspot. Because if they were the same person why she didnt upload it on her blogspot? I really got a hint that this person is one of our enemies or one of our haters coz if she is a normal person who just want to become famous by reuploading vids. from lj i dont think that she reupload our latest release "i seek pv making" right away in dailymotion coz few days ago we just posted a post about rule breaker. If ur a normal person u will just be silent for a mean time but it seems like that this person really wants to get our attention since she reupload our videos ryt away after we released it. I pity those people who really work hard just to get our attention haha. Dont you have a life? or maybe we're so precious to u that u really want to get our attention so badly. Well, yes maybe u got our attention but we're not really pissed off about u. Coz first of all, me and my sister dont really care if u stream our videos haha we even stream it before. But since we're not the only person who do the subbing such as translating, timing and encoding we need to respect the other mods. of our community who doesnt want to stream our videos. So, if you're just want to pissed me off and my sister as well. Im so sorry streaming our videos wont work. Ur just making us more famous and i believe that u dont want that. And we will not gonna delay our subs or purge ourcommunity coz i know that u would love that.
Anyway, i will REMOVED from our membership ALL the people who looks suspicious to me. If you're one of those people who got removed dont be mad at the other mods. Bcoz IM the one who removed u. Maybe i dont have the evidence that ur giving away our subs. but saying bad things against us in public is enough to remove u in the community. And since its our community we have the rights if we want to removed someone or not.
Lastly, just wanna say that i really pity on u guys(rule breakers) :( ur so excited to watch our released then, after watching it u will say bad things against us. Then, u cant wait again for another release lol. i dont really get it. I think u drop something lol. u drop ur PRIDE somewhere. If i were u i will just leave the community and just watch raw videos rather than watching the subs of the person that i hate. I still have pride. Shame on you guys.
This post is not for specific person that i know etc. since i dont have the evidence but i believe that this person is one of our hater so whoever you are its for u.
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Koisuru vampire english sub at streaming sites!!

i saw our subbed of koisuru vampire in youtube.. lol. they dont bother themselves to edit atleast the font style that i use and they dont even change anything in the trans to look like its their subbeds lol. but they have time to delete the first line in the softsub which is the logo of our community. LOL!! and they even add the logo of their site in the vid. like seriously??
Since its not SNP and 10JUMP i dont care if u guys reupload our subbed from SUTEKINABASHO since it dramas and movies.. Many people are really streaming it but pls dont delete our logo.. and claim it yours. seriously!!

Good morning call

LOL!! THIS DRAMA IS AMAZING!! like seriously!!! im watching the anime version of it when i was a kid and now it has live action!!
lol. i started watching this drama last 3weeks ago and i thought that episode 10 is the final episode but when i visited the community where i downloaded this drama they updated the epi.11 and i was like, SERIOUSLY?? it has episode 11 lol. and i believe that there's gonna be episode 12 and i cant wait for it!!!! anyway thank u for all the people who's keeping us updated lol.
lol. i miss daichi!!! i wonder where can i watch him again!! he's sooo handsome!!!