A LONG self introduction and Masterpost of Fanvids/Pvs/Subs

Im Akari 21yrs old, a huge fan of Arashi!! I became a fan of Arashi after i watched Hana Yori Dango and i fell inlove with Matsujun! he's so handsome!!! Arashi is my bias to all Johhnys and my niban is Sexyzone.

But as time goes by/laughs/, I fell inlove with this guy!! and now he's my ichiban but before he's my goban and I really hate him bcoz he looks like a gangster in his younger days! XD gomenasai but after I watched Yamada Taro Monogatari I fell inlove with his cute smile and his handsomeness. He's soooo handsome and I love him soooo much!!!

My niban is Ninomiya Kazunari! I love his bully attitude and also his voice is amazing.

My niban Johhny's group is Sexyzone. I was just became their fan recently. I became a fan becuz of my sister, She likes Kento Nakajima so, she always watching sexyzone channel on our huge TV screen lol. because of that I get to see them like EVERYDAY.

It sad that I just became their fan recently. I saw that their community is not very active and only few of their videos have subbeds. I wish I can help subbing their videos but I cant be active in subbing anymore since we're working full time. I just became active in subbing(kinpuri videos) becoz of Covid19 I temporary lose my job. But Im back to work, my sister as well so, I dont think we can continue subbing. Anyways, my Ichiban in SexyZone is So Matsushima becuz of his funny attitude. Whenever Fuma say "Matsushima do this" he always does it even tho it's embarassing lol. Also, I like his funny attitude he's always joking and making some noise in the group. I will wait for his comeback and hoping for his fast recovery. My niban is Shori Sato because Shori Sato RP is really nice haha.

My 3rd favourite Johnnys group is King&Prince
I don't sub anymore because I'm a full time worker now. I went Hiatus somewhere in 2017 and just came back to the Fandom last May 2019. But not really active and updated because of work. Instead of subbing, I join Japanese RolePlayers where we roleplay Japanese artist. It's fun and you will meet new friends. Because of JRPW I became a fan King and Prince. Thanks to REN and Kishi RP. I'm subbing again after 3years of hiatus. Pls join in our community for King&Prince fandom kinpuri_tiara

My Ichiban is Kishi Yuta because of his manly face, voice and funny attitude. My niiban will always be Iwahashi Genki. Will wait for his comeback.

I also love Hey! Say! JUMP!!!!! I became a fan of them after I watched Kindaichi Shounen no Jikembo. Yes Im a newbie at HSJ fandom.

And my ichiban is Inoo Kei!! I also hate him before ahahaha!!! But i dont know why and how? i fell inlove with him!!! all I can say is he's soo handsome too!!!

Of course, my niban is Yamada Ryosuke! Because of him I became a fan of Hey! Say! JUMP!
Im not a fan of HSJ anymore. Lots of HSJ fans bashed me even beforeXD. I don't feel welcome in this fandom. I know it's not HSJ fault but fans pls behave yourself. Your behavior affects your idols.

Im also a subber one of the maintainers of sakini_pikanchi a subbing community for Arashi and at 10_jump a subbing community at Hey! Say! JUMP


PVs/Performance with Romanji and English sub (KFX)

I seek PV
Kokoro no Sora PV

Ai wo Sakebe PV
Aozora no Shita, Kimi no tonari PV
Sakura PV
Aozora no Shita, Kimi no tonari- Music Station
Kansha Kangeki Ame- from digitalian concert tour
Pikanchi and Pikanchi double- from hawaii blast
Chau Rehearsal -from PV making
Kimi Attraction PV

Fanvids and subs
Meet the Arashi
Kakkoii vs. Baka moments of Arashi

All the best on Arashi/Storm
Meet Yamada Ryosuke

Tokio Kakeru 2015.03.15 Yamada Ryosuke Cut
Ohno Satoshi remix

So Matsushima is finally back!!

After 1yr and 9months my baby is finally back. I'm soooo happy right /cries/ not just he's back, im happy to know that he finally recovered from his illness. I was very worried about him since I experienced extreme stressed problema last year. It's pretty much the same with his illness but his illness is more worst. I can't imagine him experiencing that 😭😭. Now im not glad to know that he finally recovered. Arashi is still my bias group even tho im not active in their fandom but right now I'm more into Sexyzone and my ichiban is So even He's on hiatus I waited for him.

Lazy lady!!

I got 2 translations in my laptop since last 3weeks ago lol. I'm so lazy to time T.T
Okay okay I'll surely do it tomorrow morning

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I'm sad that Johnny's are announcing Concert tours around this time. Covid is still and one of my favourite actor Ryusei Yokohama got positive with Covid. JE should take care of their employees it's very risky to held a concert. Risky for everyone. I hope they cancel it and just announce another concert when everything go back to normal

My Top 10 Johhnys

My Top10 Johhnys hahah mema lang
10. Aiba Masaki
9. Jun Matsumoto
8. Ohno Satoshi
7. Ninomiya Kazunari
6. Sho Sakurai
5. Ren Nagase
4. Sou Matsushima
3. Shori Sato
2. Genki Iwahashi
1. Kishi Yuta

So sad Genki and Sou are both in hiatus becoz they both have panic disorder. And Arashi will be in hiatus next yr 😔. I joined Arashi and Kinpuri official fc hoping to win their concert ticket but becoz of covid19 they cancelled their concert 😭. I miss normal life so I can travel in Japan again. I hope to watch arashi concert before they leave. I joined the lottery last year but I didn't win. I hope they extend and hold a concert after pandemic.

Mazy Night- King&Prince Romanji Lyrics

Just ride on mazy night
Ima same yaranai netsujō idaku Justice
aitai su Moon&Sun mada aoi Honest…
Never give Up, Never give Up akirametanara
kawaranai kawarenai dare mo mamorenai
nani ga kotae ka I Imagine amazing

Itsu datte hashiru yo nazedarou “It’ s You”
Isshun no senkou o tsukameyo “It’ s Truth”
Kusubuttenaide Act! Act! Act!
Show Goes On Me no mae ni wa-miman no mirai
Get ready zegahi demo te ni iretai
Oath Shinjinukeru ka wo tamesu jidai
Shake Your Body, Crazy Rock Your Body, Mazy Night
Ikite yukenai hitori kiri ja
Miageta Crescent
With Buddy, Mazy Night

Kidzukeba Necessary bokura wo tsunagu Linkup
Sorezore face to faith kon'nan mo Overcome
Never Give Up, Never Give Up yami no nakade mo
Mayowanai osorenai dokoka de kimi mo
Tatakatte irukara I Believe It Actually
Itami de kokoro kega-so to “Wish You”
Itsuka ga imada to yuzurazu “Wish Truth”
Kutsugaesu dake Up! Up! Up

Show Goes On Me zame dasu mimei no Moon Light
Get ready te wo nobashi tashikametai
Oath Ikitsuku goru wa jibun shidai
Shake Your Body, Crazy Rock Your Body, Mazy Night
Utagau michi ni wa asu nado nai
Michite ku Crescent With Buddy, Mazy Night
Itsu datte omou yo dare yori “It’ s You”
Isshun no eien wo tsumugeba “It’ s Truth”
Kasanaru kodou Act! Act! Act!
Show Goes On Me no mae ni wa-miman no mirai
Get ready zegahi demo te ni iretai
Oath Shinjinukeru ka wo tamesu jidai
Shake Your Body, Crazy Rock Your Body, Mazy Night


Mazy Night
Just Ride On Mazy Night
今 冷めやらない熱情 懐くJustice
相対すMoon & Sun まだ青いHonest…
Never Give Up, Never Give Up 諦めたなら
変わらない 変われない 誰も護れない
何が真実(こたえ)か I Imagine Amazing
いつだって走るよ 何故だろう “It’s You”
一瞬の閃光を 掴めよ “It’s Truth”
燻ぶってないで Act! Act! Act!
Show Goes On 目の前には未満の未来
Get Ready 是が非でも手に入れたい
Oath… 信じ貫けるかを試す時代
Shake Your Body, Crazy
Rock Your Body, Mazy Night
(Wow War Wow…)
生きてゆけない 独りきりじゃ
With Buddy, Mazy Night
気付けばNecessary 僕等を繋ぐLinkup
それぞれFace To Faith 困難もOvercome
Never Give Up, Never Give Up 闇の中でも
迷わない 恐れない 何処かで君も
戦っているから I Believe It Actually
痛みで心 汚そうと “Wish You”
いつかが今だと 譲らず “Wish Truth”
覆すだけ Up! Up! Up!
Show Goes On 目醒めだす未明のMoon Light
Get Ready 手を伸ばし確かめたい
Oath… 行き着く到達点(ゴール)は自分次第
Shake Your Body, Crazy
Rock Your Body, Mazy Night
(Wow War Wow…)
疑う路には 明日など無い
With Buddy, Mazy Night
いつだって想うよ 誰より “It’s You”
一瞬の永遠を 紡げば “It’s Truth”
重なる鼓動 Act! Act! Act!
Show Goes On 目の前には未満の未来
Get Ready 是が非でも手に入れたい
Oath… 信じ貫けるかを試す時代
Shake Your Body, Crazy
Rock Your Body, Mazy Night
(Wow War Wow…)
生きてゆけない 独りきりじゃ
With Buddy, Mazy Night
Just Ride On Mazy Night
Disclaimer: It's my first time to make romanji lyrics so, sorry for the possible mistakes

Dream came true! My first visit in Japan

I was born in a poor country living an average life. Who would thought that one day, Im gonna be able to have a wonderful job and to go to this wonderful country. I thank God for everything He has done in my life. He's so good.
So, Last year December 20 to 26, 2019 I went to Japan. I went to Ebisu garden place. It's freaking Domyouji and Makino's meeting place in hanadan. I went there while my friends are watching arashi concert.

So, yah! I joined Arashi Fansclub last year. But unfortunately I didn't win in the ticket lottery. But It's okay going to Japan even without seeing Arashi in person is already dream come true.
Next, I went to Urth Cafe. I have a roleplay account in facebook. And the person I roleplay is a very handsome guy. I always bring my date in RPW at Urth Cafe. I was curious if that cafe is really good so, I went there in real life.

This Cafe is pretty expensive than starbucks or any normal cafe. The price is like 3times expensive than the normal cafe. Before I went there, my friends and I went to some normal cafe in Harajuku. I ordered a small hot chocolate and hotdog and I only pay 880yen tax included. But in Urth Cafe, this pancake cost 1650yen and my hot chocolate is 650yen plus tax. See the price difference? Lol. To be honest, the pancake is okay. But the hot chocolate is really good. I will surely comeback next time and try their lasagna.

We also went to tokyo disneysea. This is the biggest amusement park I ever been to.

We also tried yakiniku of course!

I also tried one of izakayas resto somewhere in Shibuya. It's really cheap there. I think that meal is just 700plus yen. Good deal.

I also bought Suda Masaki's concert 2019 reg edition.

There's a lot more of places I went to, but I cant post it all in just one entry XD.

Im so thankful to God for this experience. I will surely comeback and next time I might come visit Osaka. I heard it's more cheaper in Osaka than tokyo. I wanna go to Japan's universal studio and Naruto themepark.
I also renewed my FC membership in Arashi. For the last time I will try to join their ticket lottery. Hope to win this time. Im not active fan anymore, and im not really into Arashi now a days but I still wanna see them in real life before they go hiatus. That's it.